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Matthews (Beginner) • How to Negotiate Top Deals / Moderator: Rebecca Neale / Panelists: Farnoosh Torabi, Jessica Woodbury, Crystal Stemberger, Revanche (Intermediate) • Growing a Thriving Facebook Community / Moderator: Tabitha Philen / Panelists: Nick Loper, Emma Johnson, Robert Farrington (Intermediate) • How to Represent a Brand Without Losing Yours / Moderator: Aja Mc Clanahan / Panelists: Matt Schulz, Jackie Lam, Stefanie O’Connell, Miranda Marquit (Intermediate) • How to Monetize Your Podcast With Blogger Skillz / Moderator: Michelle Jackson / Panelists: Lee Rankinen, Ryan Gray, Jaime Tardy, Toni Husbands (Intermediate) • Women in Financial Leadership / Moderator: Stacy Wakefield / Panelists: Erin Lowry, Casey Bond, Beta Karimazadeh, Diane Harris (Beginner) • A Family Business – Keeping Sanity Amidst Self Employment / Phillip and Julia Olson • Double Your Freelance Rates: How to Find and Secure Lucrative Contracts with Fully Funded Start-Ups / Linsey Knerl • How to Get Quoted in the Media as an Expert / Bobbi Rebell • How to Maximize Your Reach, Your Impact, and Your Revenue with Facebook Ads / Monica Louie • I Accepted A 7-Figure Buyout Of My Blog / Dan Green • The Anatomy of a Compelling Pinterest Image: How to Create Pinterest Images that Drive Traffic Like Nobody’s Business / Jackie Beck • How to Maximize Revenue from Display Advertising in a Mobile World / Melody Gambino • An Unconventional Guide to Reaching Teens With Your Content / Eva Baker • How I Used My Podcast to Land a Book Deal, Get a Teaching Gig, Sell Podcasting to a Major Movie Studio, and Then There’s Prince Harry / Vernon Ross • How to Double Your Income and Reduce Your Workload / Kathleen Celmins • Deducting Blogging Expenses & Self-Employment Taxes (Ask Me Anything) / Eric Nisall • Keep it Legal: What You Need to Know as a Blogger / Elizabeth Stapleton • How I Doubled My Income After #Fin Con16 / Kine Corder • How to Turn Your Obstacles into Opportunities to Accelerate Your Business and Life / Kylie Travers • Generating Leads/Customers Using a Course [Case Study] / AWeber Team • Be a HARO Hero: Making the Most of / Casey Fleming • Financial Coaching Myths, Magic & Mastery / Saundra Davis • Learn How to Use Linked In to Attract High-Quality Clients / Louis De Nicola • [SWITCH]The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue veteran wrote: "Yep this happened," next to a snap of herself smiling and showing off her new jewellery.[/SWITCH] to Full-Time in 12 Months by Diversifying Freelance Services / Kayla Sloan • How to Sell Your Blog for Six Figures or More / Carrie Rocha & Chuck Mullins • How I Rank for 1,700 Keywords on the First Page of Google / Joseph Hogue • The Skills You Must Master to be a Pro Networker / Kim Anderson • Top Tips for Instagram Success / Libby Gifford Clark Howard is a consumer expert whose goal is to help you keep more of the money you make. Forbes named her as one of the Top 10 Social Media Power Influencers and she regularly contributes to and Huffington Post. A serial entrepreneur, virtual staffing expert, blogger, podcaster and author, Chris helps other entrepreneurs catapult their businesses into the 21st century utilizing what he calls the ‘New Business’ style of marketing. Since studying abroad in Spain, he has always had a passion for travel, missions, and making a difference in the world.