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When the lay off came most of my department was brought into a large room. But it was like a blink of an eye I was at some bar with Jessica, downing a mixed drink as I bitched and moaned. That fucking bastard with his like 9 million dollar suit telling me how they had no choice! "You know they fired us so they could like, give themselves a raise! After a couple more drinks I noticed Jessica looking at me. Another had a life size male sex doll that she was riding hard while screaming something in a foreign language! As they were off I looked over my shoulder as I wiggled my ass to the camera. I took out the toy I had and once again showed it to the viewers. When he heard her door close and music come on he quickly minimized the word program and got the cam site up! I made sure that this was my only one and the rest of the dinner was just soda. Most were the standard "sexy [insert job title here]" kind of things. " They toss more and more money as Danny thrust and grunted like a crazed animal! Upset by what he was saying to me while these men threw money and watched us? He stood up and suddenly pulled his cock out of his pants. "Well, I stroked this till I came then I had to clean up and rush to class! You have no idea how bad I wanted to put that fuck meat in my mouth and suck on it. I closed and locked my door as I put on another sexy porn costume. I could hear him quickly rush to his room to get online. Danny heard stories about how Trisha had been fucking a lot of guys since she was very little but he figured they were just rumors. His dad's shit apartment had no real cell signal for his phone so he would have to try to contact his mom either by text or maybe a phone call. The girl moved a bit and Danny saw who the girl was. " he said as Trisha turned and quickly ran back to her room. I lay on my bed and started to rub my pussy as I waited for Danny. We kissed with passion as he pushed his dick deep inside me. Until we get this whole court thing with your father settled." I said, every word hurting me. = = = It was close to lunch time the next day at school when Danny was called to the main office.